Call for Submissions: “On Loyalty,” Special Issue of EAL

This special issue of Early American Literature seeks submissions exploring the diverse and dynamic cultures of loyalty and modes of affiliation in British North America and the Atlantic world. To what extent does renewed attention to the British American Loyalists also call for further exploration of the many contexts and occasions for the rubric of “loyalty” in British America during the long eighteenth century? We are interested in essays dealing not only with the political thought and literature of the American Revolution but also with scholarship on questions of deference, affiliation, social relations, and local cultures. “Loyalty” writ large might include some of the following topics and relevant themes:

Monarchy in early American literary history, especially in the long eighteenth-century; Political and philosophical backgrounds and contexts for loyalty; Subaltern views of British monarchy; Declarations of loyalty, royalist rhetoric, fealty to the king; The social life of British loyalists; British subjectivity and performance; Migration and diaspora; Loyalty and the aesthetics of affiliation; Legacies of Loyalism and monarchical culture in the post-revolutionary era; Non-national loyalties in the new US nation.

Submissions should be sent to EAL by March 31, 2014. Inquiries can be made to John Garcia (UC Berkeley/McNeil Center for Early American Studies, or Philip Gould (Brown,